As soon as you or someone else enters a campus, the first thing that comes into the notice is the driveway that it has. It really doesn’t matter whether it is your house or your office you are entering rather what matters is the appeal of the driveway that your entrance provides. After all, when you have a structure to take care of, it is your prime responsibility to keep it well-maintained and appealing. Driveway paving slabs Perth, which instantly comes into the focus as soon as one enters a campus, must be maintained in a proper way as they offer the first impression of your structure to whoever visits your place.

Varied Materials Available

Whether it is you’re your residential complex or a commercial property, you can have various driveway paving alternatives for you. Well, as soon as you consider having a driveway paving slab, you will come across multiple material options that you can choose from. Based on your suitability, however, you can make a selection. While some of the owners prefer keeping the colour, texture, and appearance uniform throughout the premise, there are a few of them who opt for contrasting designs for a uniform look. Thus, the selection of the material and texture completely bases on the individual choices of homeowners or workplace owners. Some of the common materials that you have in the market for paving slabs are:
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Acrylic
  • Natural Stone
  • Clay
Because of the difference in the approach of the installation, concrete paving slabs are more noticeable. While installing it, the concrete is poured and applied at once to all units rather than dealing with units one-at-a-time. These are considered as the best choice for larger structures and being a low-cost option, it is the most preferable driveway paving slabs Perth option among owners of residential as well as commercial premises. While acrylic slabs are also single unit laying process, the delicate nature of the material makes it fit for smaller areas only. On the contrary, the other alternatives that include stone, natural stone, and clay paving slabs, these options can effectively used individually for a paving slab. Though all the options available in the above list can be preferred for getting a paving slab installed, the most commonly used ones are the concrete and stone options.

Concrete Paving Slabs versus Stone Paving Slabs

Concrete Paving Slabs

Being a man-made solution to the paving needs, concrete has become one of the most sought-after paving slab materials. As it is a manufactured slab, the varieties of textures and colours available in this case are many. When you go concrete, you get smooth and even surface for your cars to move on. This is a tactile option with dotted or ribbed appearance. The smoothness comes as a result of the polished surface that it offers. Well, if you are an animal lover, concrete slabs with the pictures of animals imprinted on them could be an ideal option to opt for.

Stone Paving Slabs

Are you a fan of natural materials and products that are available around? If yes, stone paving slabs are your alternative. Stones are naturally occurring materials that have their own beauty. Being cost-effective in nature, almost all retailers make this alternative available for you. Some of the most widely used stone paving slab materials include sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, and marble. When it comes to colour options, the stone slabs can be lighter in colour, dark and even the darker shades. A smooth finish, sanded or rubbed texture, and polished surface, if these are the qualities that you want to have in your driveway paving slab, natural is what you should go for.

The Benefits of Driveway Paving Slabs

Makes Your Structure Noticeable

As already stated, the driveways appear like a wonderful start to your premise. The beginning of the driveway from the main gate of your campus is the region of your structure that is noticed first. When you have a slab that is beautiful and attractive, the personal and professional visitors will have a good impression of your structure.

Various Designs Available

Irrespective of the material you choose for your paving slab, you will come across varieties of designs to select from. Based on what kind of texture and pattern you want to have for your driveway, you can make your choice. You may opt for a uniform style of slabs or you may also go for a contrasting design.

Colours Are Many

Whether you choose the stone paving slabs or the concrete paving slabs, the colours that you will come across will be many. While you can have complimentary shades to accompany the colours that adorn your exteriors, you can also opt for contrasting combinations to make it unique and more eye-catching.

Permeable Surface

Gone are the days when driveways were constructed using non-permeable materials, which did not allow the rainwater to drain off. As a result, permeable surfaces have begun to be installed these days to allow proper drainage in case of rains. Due to the lack of drainage capability, the driveways turn slippery, which could lead to mishaps. Thus, non-permeable surfaces give the safest movement platform to your cars.

Spalling or Cracking Does Not Happen

When you have slabs installed on your driveway, the top layer of the surface remains safe. It means there is no spalling noticed. Hence, when you have these slabs installed, you will never have a pavement that is patchy or unattractive in appearance. Also, there is no cracking that could be seen on the surface. When you opt for the driveway paving slabs Perth, you have something in your premise that would require very low maintenance and will give sense completeness to your driveway with attractive patios, walkways, porches, walls, pillars, etc. There are multiple alternatives that you have when you start hunting for a relevant paving slab for your driveways, but it is recommended to choose something within your budget, which is possible if you explore and browse through the available options well. There are many professionals out there whom you can choose for the delivery of ideal required services, including the bricklaying services Perth. Connect with them for proper assistance.